What makes ours One of the Best Share Market Classes in Mumbai?

Among stock market courses in Mumbai, Goaled is one of, if not the most flexible brand

Reasonably Priced

No matter what kind of share market training you wish to do, Goaled will always provide extra knowledge. This extra knowledge comes in the form of our experience in the markets. Furthermore, our Wealth Multiplier Course focuses heavily on trading and investing strategies that work beautifully in the Indian Stock Markets.


Quality cannot be comprimised upon since we aim for the position of the Best Stock Market Training Institute in Mumbai. Goaled believes in giving its clients concise content without any fillers as we value our and our client's time. Wherever applicable, we also provide live market sessions for further confidence.


Our courses are taught in both Hindi, as well as English and the complex sounding jargon is well broken down and explained in layman terms. Not only that, after the completion of our courses, our clients can reach out to us for any queries related to the subject and we would be happy to help.

Teaching Method

Goaled conducts its Share Market Classes in Mumbai and Online as well. When it comes to our client's convenience, we go out of our way to make sure the process is satisfactory. Our courses are offered in batches running at different timings throughout the day, everyday.

We accept all types of payment methods

All major payment methods such as Cash, Cheque, Card swipe, Online card payment, Payment gateway, Online transfer, etc is accepted by us. We also allow payments in installments. Contact us to know more about this.

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The Different Stock Market Courses We provide

Each of these Share Market Courses is taught in Mumbai. At the same time, Goaled also provides Online trading courses.
stock market courses in mumbai

Basic Technical Analysis

The Best Technical Analysis Course in Mumbai for beginners

This is easily the Best Technical Analysis Course in Mumbai for beginners. Here you will learn the basics of the share market in general, as well as how to read and interpret price action data. This course is recommended for absolute beginners who are just entering into the financial markets.

share market classes in mumbai

Advanced Technical Analysis

This Technical analysis course allows you to trade equity, commodity & forex.

Looking for a Technical Analysis Course in Mumbai that covers it all? Here you will learn about the different types of indicators and volumes. Also, different strategies will be taught along with a few hand picked best working indicators. By the end of this course, you will be able to trade professionally.

share market classes in mumbai

Basic Fundamental Analysis

The Best Fundamental Analysis Course in Mumbai For Beginners

Goaled offers the most practical and Best Fundamental Analysis Course in Mumbai. This course deals with understanding the various factors which affect the company's profit making ability as well as a close look into the different financial statements.

stock market courses in mumbai

Advanced Fundamental Analysis

Looking to gain the highest level of understanding that any Fundamental Analysis Course in Mumbai offers?

This course is an extension of the Basic Fundamental Analysis where different strategies of investing are looked at. Further, key financial ratios as well as a stock picking methods are also what are taught here. By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own portfolio with strong logic and reasoning backing it.

Share Market Classes in Mumbai

Futures & Options

Looking for a complete Futures and Options Course in Mumbai?

Goaled's Futures and Options Course in Mumbai covers all topics of the Derivatives Market. For this course, a good knowledge of Technical and Fundamental Analysis is required. This course deals with the in depth understanding of both these instruments as well as some professional strategies for Equity, Commodity and Forex and can be used in any type of a market.


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