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Who the Advanced Technical Analysis Course is for:

This course is an extension of the Basic Technical Analysis, however, it can be taken by people who are confident enough in their basics.

That being said, some common students are:

– Students
– Salaried Individuals
– Housewives
– Business Owners
– Freelancers
– Retired persons
– Persons wanting to learn the art of multiplying their wealth themselves

How we go about with the Advanced Technical Analysis course:

The very first thing we do here is to test whether the student has their basics right. If the basics are not strong enough, it is highly recommended that they work on those skills first. This is because of the strategies that we teach. As a matter of fact, what we teach in the basics plays an important role during live market trades.

Furthermore, after we test the basics, we move onto teaching all the important theory bit that Technical Analysis contains. We then make sure that that theory is properly understood. Once we have made sure that the theory portion is properly understood, we delve deeper into understanding the market and what exactly causes the demand and supply tug of war,

Our next key focus area then is our secret strategies. These strategies are for Day Trading, Swing/positional/delivery based Trading, as well as for Long/short term investing. Everything that has been taught is implemented in our strategies.

Technical Analysis Course

What this course entails:

– The Dow Theory
– Volume Analysis
– 7 Strong Chart Patterns
– 14 Different Important Indicators and how to set them accordingly
– A Powerful BONUS Chart type Different From Candlestick Charts
– Our Secret Intraday Trading Strategies
– Our Secret Swing/Positional/Delivery Based Trading Strategies
– Also, our Secret Long/Short Term Trading Strategies using Technical Analysis

By the end of this course, the student will be able to make serious profits and create a trading portfolio.
The Advanced Technical Course is a requirement for the Derivatives course.

You can find the same strategies we talk about in our trades which you can find here.

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