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Our Basic Technical Analysis course in Mumbai is one way someone can choose to learn about Stock Markets. When it comes to the topic of Stock Markets, there are two basic approaches, One is from an investor’s perspective, and the other is from a trader’s.

The trader looks for opportunities to enter into a position based on their studies of a company’s share price, normally plotted on charts. Together with that, One simple advantage to this approach is that the trader can make multiple decisions and if his/her study proves right, they stand to make great returns. However, the disadvantage is that since the trader has to be relatively active, he/she will have to spend a lot of time on research.

Generally speaking, Technical and Fundamental Analysis work great together as the trader can differentiate between financially well and poor companies.
Creating Buy positions in good companies and Short Sell positions in Bad companies is how a professional trader takes their positions. This is determined through Fundamental Analysis.
Correspondingly, We have an all-in-one course right here. Additionally, in this all in one course, we also practice several strategies in the Live Markets.

Students for our Basic Technical Analysis Course in Mumbai typically include:

– Students
– Salaried Individuals
– Housewives
– Business Owners
– Freelancers
– Retired persons

Technical Analysis Course in Mumbai

What this course entails:

Beginning your journey into the stock market can be difficult, especially with difficult terms used in newspapers or across business TV channels.
The Basic Technical Analysis course is the most recommended course to begin with as it starts right from the basics of the stock market, and explains difficult terms in an easy to understand language.

An overview of the topics covered in this course are:
– An Introduction to The Stock Market
– The Different Types of Charts
– The Origins of Technical Analysis
– The Different Types of Candlesticks and what they Represent
– Stock Selection
– 15 Powerful Candlestick Patterns
– Supports & Resistances
– Stop Loss & Targets
– Risk & Reward
– Dos & Don’ts before Trading

By the end of this course, the student will get a good grasp on how to read candlestick charts and when key reversals will occur. They will also get a peek into the minds of other market participants, which will enhance their decision-making ability.
Additionally, Technical Analysis is a part of our trading strategy for which we have posted screenshots here.

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