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F&O Share Market Training Introduction:

The Futures & Options Course is one of Goaled’s well-performing share market training courses. Now, Futures & Options are slightly complex, but highly profitable instruments in the stock market. Having a good extent of Technical as well as some basic level of Fundamental Analysis skills are essential.

The reason why Futures & Options are traded in the first place is because they serve as a great hedging instrument. Hedging is the practice of protecting one’s investments during bad times and is spoken about in the course in detail.
Needless to say, these instruments are also traded upon and can be highly profitable if done right.

In the first place, if one does not have any Technical or Fundamental Analysis knowledge or is not confident in trading in the cash market, this course is NOT for them! However, there is a simple solution to this minor hurdle. That solution comes in the form of our Wealth Multiplier Course.

Furthermore, We highly recommend the Wealth Multiplier Course to those who wish to completely master Technical & Fundamental Analysis. We also teach various strategies that we explain by implementing in the Live Market.

Not to mention, if you are confident about your knowledge about the cash market, you may proceed to learn Goaled’s F&O Course.

Share Market Training

What this course entails:

– An Introduction to the Derivatives Market
– Introduction to Forwards
– Introduction to Futures
– Expiry & Squaring Off
– Mark to Market
– Understanding Open Interest Data
– Understanding and Learning to Calculate Beta
– Hedging an Entire Portfolio
– Introduction to Options
– The Option Chain
– Understanding the Different Options
– The 4 Options Greeks and how to use them to our Advantage
– Selecting the Right Strike and Why
– Learning to Trade in The Commodity Market
– Learning to Trade in The Forex Market
– The Different Futures Trading Strategies
– 10 Highly Profitable Options Trading Strategies for any kind of Market Situation.

Additionally, by the end of this course, the student will be able to successfully trade in the Derivatives Segment and will be able to use their skills for Commodities & Currencies as well.
Lastly, We took results from a month’s trade and posted them here. Not to mention, We accomplished using the strategies taught in this course.

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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffett