Share Market Classes in Mumbai that provide top-quality coverage on every topic are hard to come by. This is the very reason that Goaled as a brand, has decided to take it upon ourselves to provide reasonable education. With this, we hope to spread awareness on how important Trading and Investing in the Stock Market is for one to create wealth.

What Will You Receive with our Share Market Classes?

Goaled understands that learning how to trade and Invest in the Stock Market can be a complicated topic to learn. This is why we have compiled all of our knowledge in an extremely simple to understand Video Series. What’s more is that with this Video Series, you will also receive after-course support. Meaning, in case you face any issues while sitting in front of the screen about to take a trade, we will be there to clear your concerns.

In case you feel that a topic hasn’t been understood entirely, you could arrange a doubt clearing call session over the weekend. We will do our best to instill our knowledge and experience into your trading style. ALL of this for the Price of Rs. 1,000/-

Our 6 Month Trade Report

Share Market Classes in Mumbai

Above you can see some of the trades we have taken using our Swing Trading Strategy. If you want to see the report LIVE, you may call us and we can arrange a session where we show you some of our trades.

Benefits of our Online Share Market Classes:

Online Share Market Classes have various benefits. Along with that, you also receive the offline advantages that come with the course.

  • You will Receive Training Videos that you can watch in your own free time.
  • You can arrange live doubt clearing sessions over the weekends.
  • We provide all-day support on Whatsapp
  • You will receive our E-books and other study material.
  • You get to learn ALL of our Strategies (Intraday, Swing/Positional/Delivery Trading and Value Investing)
  • ALL of this for the reasonable cost of Rs. 1,000/- We accept Card/Netbanking/UPI

What You Will Learn through our Stock Market Course

We cover all the aspects of Stock Market Training. Our Stock Market Course videos are mainly classified into two categories:

Technical Analysis Course:

  • An Introduction to The Stock Market
  • The Different Types of Charts
  • The Origins of Technical Analysis
  • The Different Types of Candlesticks and what they Represent
  • Stock Selection
  • 15 Powerful Candlestick Patterns
  • Supports & Resistances
  • Stop Loss & Targets
  • Risk & Reward
  • Dos & Don’ts before Trading
  • The Dow Theory
  • Volume Analysis
  • 7 Strong Chart Patterns
  • 14 Different Important Indicators and how to set them accordingly
  • A Powerful BONUS Chart type Different From Candlestick Charts
  • Our Secret Intraday Trading Strategies
  • Our Secret Swing/Positional/Delivery Based Trading Strategies
  • Also, our Secret Long/Short Term Trading Strategies using Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Course:

  • Introduction to Stock Markets from an Investor’s point of view
  • Different Types of Risks
  • Then, Qualitative and Quantitative Factors Surrounding a company
  • Studying the Annual Report
  • Understanding The Profit & Loss Statement
  • Studying The Balance Sheet, and
  • Understanding The Cash Flow Statement
  • Determining the Company’s Financial Situation by combining all of the above.
  • How to look at Stock Screeners
  • Understanding & Calculating the Various Financial Ratios
  • Comparing a Company’s Current Performance with The Past
  • Comparing a Company’s Performance with Other Companies Operating within the same Industry.
  • Choosing The Best Company to Invest in From any Industry.
  • Learning to Buy Stocks at the Right Price by calculating the Discounted Cash Flow for any Company.

Who goes for our Share Market Classes in Mumbai?

Since our training begins right from the very basics and makes the student and advanced Trader and Investor, anyone with the motivation to learn can begin watching our Stock Market Course. That being said, our students include:

  • Students
  • Salaried Individuals
  • Housewives
  • Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Retired persons

We Aspire to be the Best Stock Market Training Institute in Mumbai and India

Through our sophisticated compiled series of videos, we have left no stone unturned. Along with quality education, we also provide the support that is hard to come by. With all of this, We believe that we are on our way to be the Best Stock Market Training Institute.


Which Course is Best for Stock Market?

There is no one specific course that works for everyone. Since every individual is different, it is wise to learn the root concepts of the Stock Market through quality education. After that is done, one can determine which style of trading or investing is best suited for them.

Can I Invest 100 rs in Share Market?

There are a huge number of stocks listed on the exchanges, each with different prices. There are also shares that are priced under 100 rupees in which one can trade and invest. Furthermore, brokers allow their clients margins on particular stocks. With the help of margins, one can purchase shares worth 1000 or 2000 rupees (Depending on the scrip) with an investment of 100 rupees.

How Can I Learn Share Market?

The Share Market is a huge industry in which crores of rupees flow every single day. One needs to begin right from the very basics to understanding the beauty of the Stock Market. With that being accomplished, one can then start trading and investing their money in this resource. All that is required to learn how the Share Market works is hard work and dedication.

What are the Courses for Stock Market?

Different Stock Market Training Institutes name their courses in terms they find suitable. However, the courses with which one can learn how to trade and invest in the stock market are categorized into two topics. Namely, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis.

How do I start Trading and Investing?

There are several free resources one can make use of while they are learning. Once the learning period is completed, one is required to open a DEMAT account with the broker of their choice and learn how their platform operates. After that, they are supposed to make use of their skills to make calls that eventually result in profit over the long term.

How Can I Earn 500/1000 Per Day?

Through Intraday Trading, it is possible to earn 500 and even 1000 per day. However, when one decides to trade Intraday, they should not expect to make money every single day, but rather expect to remain profitable every month. There could be a few days when the trader takes home losses. However, these days should be fewer than the profitable days.

Can I Buy 1 Lakh Shares in Intraday?

Yes, included that you have the capital to do so. It is possible to purchase that amount of shares in an intraday trade.

How Do I Become a Day Trader?

Day Traders predominantly make use of Technical Analysis. Therefore, it is vital that you get accustomed to Technical Analysis and put in several hours of practice to become a Day Trader.

What do Goaled’s Share Market Classes in Mumbai Cost?

Our Share Market Classes in Mumbai and India are meant to be reasonable. We decided to provide all of the quality training and support for the reasonable cost of Rs. 1,000/-.