Automation, Good or Bad?

Before the age of Technology, customer service used up a large portion of any business’ Working Capital. Although this did not affect large corporations, it did affect the profit retaining ability of SMBs. On the one hand, a growing business would want to provide excellent customer services to its audience, while on the other, it would also like to use the profits in further expanding. Hiring employees to fulfill that task did not allow the small businesses to do so most of the time.

Coming back to recent times, Automation when it comes to modern times has enabled thousands of businesses to provide excellent customer service without having to give out from their working capital. This is now easily done with the help of simple software that takes care of everything.

One such software is The Chat Bot. All that one needs to do on such software is to create a set of questions and then create a branch of follow-ups to those questions. These follow-up lines are as customizable as possible with regards to your particular niche.

Benefits of The Chat Bot:

  • It can be of service to customers 24/7, potentially gaining important clients.
  • It gives a modern feel to the business.
  • Some basic customer queries can be easily handled by the Bot itself without any requirement of human intervention.
  • It is much cheaper compared to human alternatives.

Different Perspectives

Firstly, from a business owner’s perspective, The Chat Bot is an amazing investment. Not only does this allow the business to grow quicker, it also allows the business owner to focus on more important tasks rather than train an entire team of employees.

From an employee’s perspective, this is an area that they are no longer required in. However, Maintaining the bot and upgrading it to meet the latest software is a task that will always require hands.

As is the case with technology, it replaces certain job skills but at the same time, creates jobs requiring new skills. This is why it pays to say up to date with the times.


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