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Who the Advanced Fundamental Analysis Course is for:

The Advanced Fundamental Analysis Course is for those that do not want to make any use of Technical Analysis to find an entry price.

The reason they choose to do this is that they want to remain invested in that stock for a very long period of time.
Not only that but also these kinds of people do not mind the short term changes and choose to stay put, even during bad times.

This course focuses on the DCF method which calculates the future profit potential of a company. So, these people must really believe in the business of that company,

Is the Advanced Fundamental Analysis Course for you?

The only requirement for this course is our Basic Fundamental Analysis course. That, and persons who are confident in their knowledge of the stock market and understanding of a company’s annual report.

This is because, in this course, we switch between the different statements a lot and that could be difficult for a beginner.

Additionally, if one makes use of Technical Analysis along with this course, they would be safe from bad times. That, and they would be a better investor overall.

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What this course entails:

– How to look at Stock Screeners
– Understanding & Calculating the Various Financial Ratios
– Comparing a Company’s Current Performance with The Past
– Comparing a Company’s Performance with Other Companies Operating within the same Industry.
– Choosing The Best Company to Invest in From any Industry.
– Learning to Buy Stocks at the Right Price by calculating the Discounted Cash Flow for any Company.

By the end of this course, the student will be able to create their own portfolio with the best companies from the best industries and will not worry about the volatility in the market.
To get a sense of accuracy for our other courses, visit our Instagram page where we took trades for 1 month and posted the results.

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