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Our Basic Fundamental Analysis course in Mumbai is one way someone can choose to learn about Stock Markets. When it comes to the topic of Stock Markets, there are two basic approaches, One is from an investor’s perspective, and the other is from a trader’s.

The investor looks for opportunities to park their money for more than a year by evaluating companies rather than their share prices. Together with that, One simple advantage to this approach is that the investor need not spend a lot of time and energy on research. However, the disadvantage is that since the investor is in the position continuously, he/she will have to bear the losses attributable to volatility.

A simple solution to that problem is to be well versed with both, Technical as well as Fundamental Analysis. Correspondingly, We have an all-in-one course right here. Additionally, in this all in one course, we also practice several strategies in the Live Markets.

Students for our Basic Fundamental Analysis Course in Mumbai typically include:

– Students
– Salaried Individuals
– Housewives
– Business Owners
– Retired persons
– Long-term Investors
– Swing Traders

Fundamental Analysis Course in Mumbai

What this course entails:

– Introduction to Stock Markets
– Different Types of Risks
– Then, Qualitative and Quantitative Factors Surrounding a company
– Studying the Annual Report
– Understanding The Profit & Loss Statement
– Studying The Balance Sheet, and
– Understanding The Cash Flow Statement
– Determining the Company’s Financial Situation by combining all of the above.

By the end of this course, the student will be able to determine whether a company is worth investing in or not. Coupled with Technical Analysis, they would learn key turnaround points in the price.
Fundamental Analysis is a part of our trading strategy for which we have posted screenshots here.

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