Below you will find all of the topics that will be covered:

– An Introduction to The Stock Market
– The Different Types of Charts
– The Origins of Technical Analysis
– Understanding The Different Types of Candlesticks
– Stock Selection
– 15 Powerful Candlestick Patterns
– Supports & Resistances
– Drawing & Making use of Trendlines
– Trading with Pure Price Action
– How to trade with the trend
– Stop Loss & Targets
– Risk & Reward
– Dos & Don’ts before Trading
– Volume Analysis
– 7 Strong Chart Patterns
– 14 Different Important Indicators and how to use them PROPERLY!
– A Powerful BONUS chart not well known in the market!
– Various Websites and Software that help make life easier
– The Different Types of Risks an Investor Faces and how to deal with it
– The Qualitative Factors Surrounding a company
– The Quantitative Factors Surrounding a company
– Analyzing the Annual Report
– Understanding The Profit & Loss Statement
– Analyzing The Balance Sheet
– Understanding The Cash Flow Statement
– Determining the Company’s Financial Situation by combining all of the above
– What to look for when creating a Portfolio for Long term investing
– Our Secret Intraday Trading Strategies
– Our Secret Swing/Delivery Based Trading Strategies
– And, Our Secret Short & Long Term Investing Strategies

All of the above topics cover Technical & Fundamental Analysis. We also go ahead and teach Futures & Options:

– An Introduction to the Derivatives Market
– Introduction to Forwards
– Introduction to Futures
– Expiry & Squaring Off
– Understanding Open Interest Data
– Understanding and Learning to Calculate Beta
– Hedging an Entire Portfolio
– Introduction to Options
– The Option Chain
– Understanding the Different Options
– The 4 Options Greeks and how to use them to our Advantage
– Selecting the Right Strike and Why
– Learning to Trade in The Commodity Market
– Learning to Trade in The Forex Market
– The Different Futures Trading Strategies
– 8 Highly Profitable Options Trading Strategies for any kind of Market Situation.

In Conclusion

With all of the above information, one can figure out what kind of Trader or Investor they wish to be. From there, the strategies you adopt change. All in all, these are the topics that stock market Trading & Investing are comprised of and you get to master it at the cost of Rs. 5,000/-.