Are you a high fuel consumer looking for a Credit Card? If yes, then Citibank’s Indian Oil Credit Card just might fulfill your requirements. The only requirement to make full use of this card’s benefits is that you have to use an Indian Oil Petrol Pump, which isn’t too difficult to find with google maps.

Citibank has tied up Indian Oil and they promise to return a value of 5% back to the customers. This happens in the form of a 2.5% surcharge waiver and 2.6% as a cashback.

The annual fee for this card is Rs. 1,000/- plus taxes. However, if you spend more than Rs.30,000/- in the whole year using this card, this annual fee will be waived off.

The Reward Points

  • You get 4 Turbo Points for every Rs. 150 that you spend on fuel.
  • The Upper limit is Rs. 10,000/-, or 257 Turbo Points per Transaction.
  • Rewards can be availed only if swiped on Citibank EDCs
  • 4 Turbo Points for Rs. 150/- spent also at Citi’s featured partners.
  • 2 Turbo Points for Rs. 150/- spent at supermarkets. (Upper limit for this is Rs. 5,000/-, or, 67 Turbo Points Per Month)
  • Lastly, 1 Turbo Point = Re. 1/- Worth of Fuel.

My take on the card:

It is quite clear that if one plans to be using the road for a long period of time, this card really adds value to the journey. It is always best to be saving money while traveling rather than simply not.

For those that travel a lot using their own vehicles, this card can really help provide that extra full tank or two within an entire year, which if you ask me is quite a bargain. Since the card is used that heavily (If you do the math, 30k on fuel in a year is not much for travelers), even the annual fee gets waived off making this card FANTASTIC, and at no extra cost!


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