Futures & Options

What Are Futures and Options? There is a segment apart from the Cash market where the buying and selling of shares take place. Exchanges also allow traders to take part in another segment known as the Derivatives. This Derivatives segment allows market participants to take calls on elements such as Read more…

Technical Analysis

What is Technical Analysis? In simple words, Technical Analysis is the study of a security’s price chart. These charts come in various types. Types include line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, and point and figure charts to name a few. Candlestick charts are great to discover patterns in price and Read more…

Share market classes in mumbai

Fundamental Analysis

Goaled’s Stock Market Classes in Mumbai, Fundamental Analysis Fundamental Analysis is one of the few stock market classes in Mumbai that Goaled provides. It is a skill which enables an individual to determine whether a company is worth investing in or not. The word investing is often used together with trading Read more…

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