Stock Market Course

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Introduction to this Stock Market Course:

Have you been trading in the stock market but making inconsistent returns? Or are you an absolute beginner wanting to learn and earn from the Stock Markets? Whatever the case, Your search for any Stock Market Course ends right here!

In this course, the individual is guided step by step and is taught how to use Technical as well as Fundamental Analysis to come up with an unbeatable strategy boasting a solid 90% success rate in any kind of market scenario. This is undoubtedly the BEST course for absolute beginners interested in learning and earning from the Stock Market.

By the end of this course, our students learn how to really make their money work for them.

What’s more is that by the end of the course, we teach you how to achieve these results in the live market!

Who Can Learn?

The beauty of this course is that absolutely anybody can enroll. Why this is possible is, because we start right from the very basics of the stock market and gradually help our students become self sufficient traders, capable of exponentially multiplying their capital at a tremendous rate, with proof!

Course Contents

This course is a combination of both, Technical and Fundamental Analysis and the unique part about it is the different strategies that are taught.
That being said, the topics that this course covers are:

– An Introduction to The Stock Market
– The Different Types of Charts
– The Origins of Technical Analysis
– Understanding The Different Types of Candlesticks
– Stock Selection
– 15 Powerful Candlestick Patterns
– Supports & Resistances
– Stop Loss & Targets
– Risk & Reward
– Dos & Don’ts before Trading
– The Dow Theory
– Volume Analysis
– 7 Strong Chart Patterns
– 14 Different Important Indicators and how to set them accordingly
– A Powerful BONUS not well known in the market!
– Various Websites and Software that help make life easier
– The Different Types of Risks an Investor Faces and how to deal with it
– The Qualitative Factors Surrounding a company
– The Quantitative Factors Surrounding a company
– Analyzing the Annual Report
– Understanding The Profit & Loss Statement
– Analyzing The Balance Sheet
– Understanding The Cash Flow Statement
– Determining the Company’s Financial Situation by combining all of the above
– Our Secret Intraday Trading Strategies
– Our Secret Swing/Delivery Based Trading Strategies
– And, Our Secret Short & Long Term Investing Strategies

Additionally, along with all this, we establish discipline amongst our students and teach them how returns can be generated consistently.

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